User agreement and terms of the "Boost-Index" service

  1. The service operates on two platforms: Website and based on Telegram Bot @BoostIndexBot
  2. All functions: receiving materials from users, reporting, contacting the support service, receiving invoices for payment, are carried out on both platforms.
  3. The service is designed to speed up the indexing in the Google search engine of pages submitted by users. The service does not guarantee that 100% of the specified pages will be included in the Google index. Getting into the Google index depends only on the fulfillment of Google requirements both on the site as a whole and on the specified pages in particular.
    Pay attention to the most common reasons for not getting into the Google index: The service cannot influence Google's decision to index pages.
  4. The stated indexation terms of 1-4 days are purely statistical in nature and cannot be guaranteed in each specific case. The timing of indexing also depends on the fulfillment of Google requirements.
  5. Checking the indexing results of sent pages is performed by the service client independently. The reporting provided in the Service is primarily necessary for checking limits, there is also an optional mode for checking if pages are included in the index, which may not cover all processed pages.
  6. For newly registered users, the Service provides test limits for testing the quality of its work. The number of test limits may vary.
  7. Pay for the services of the Service only if you understand its necessity for you.
    Return of funds received from the client is not provided.
  8. By using and paying for the services of the service, you accept this "User Agreement" and "Privacy Policy".
  9. The service support service has the right to block accounts with free limits, in case of suspected spam. Namely, when trying to send a large number of links to the same sites from several accounts. In some cases, such links may not be processed by the service without blocking accounts.